D.E.S.S Power offers gensets to meet mine site specifications with features such as:

  • 50ºC radiators to suit Australia’s harsh climate
  • Bunded units with self bunded (double skinned) fuel tanks to meet environmental requirements
  • Crane lift points
  • Forklift sleeves
  • ComAp or Deep Sea controllers
  • External emergency stop button as standard
  • External fuel tank option
  • 24 hour bunded fuel tank
  • Lockable battery isolator

Welcome to Dess Power

D.E.S.S Power is part of the D.E.S.S (Diesel Engine Services and Spares) group. D.E.S.S Power is a Perth based company specialising in generator sales, servicing, maintenance and repairs.

Having been established in Perth for over 30 years, the D.E.S.S group has established a diverse network of reliable suppliers so as to offer customers a range of products at competitive prices. D.E.S.S Power offers both off the shelf solutions and customised solutions to cater for customer’s specific emergency power backup needs. This allows D.E.S.S Power to meet the needs of both smaller customers, such as outback roadhouses, to larger customers who require complicated load sharing generator solutions or power stations.

D.E.S.S is a West Australian owned and managed company that was established in 1989. See the D.E.S.S site for more details including ship engine rebuilds, power stations, building generator maintenance, servicing and load testing: www.dess.com.au