Diesel Engines / Power Packs

Diesel Engines / Power Packs

D.E.S.S Power offers a large range of makes and model diesel engines of various sizes, including Lomatec, Cummins, Deutz, CAT and many others.

D.E.S.S Power supplies both small and large diesel engines ranging from 25 hp to 1000hp.

The recent popularity of the Lomatech engines with the rural, farming and manufacturing industries has prompted D.E.S.S Power to keep a large number of the 25hp, 38hp, 46hp and 85hp engines in stock.

These versatile independent power sources are popular for use with water pumps and hydraulic pumps.

The Lomatech engines come with an exhaust muffler, air filter and coolant overflow tank.

These units also come with the option of a digital control panel.

Contact D.E.S.S Power for more details about stock prices and availablity email queries to sales@desspower.com.au

Deutz 95hp, air cooled