About the D.E.S.S Group

Diesel Engine Services and Spares has a a long established history in the supply, servicing and repair of diesel generators, marine diesel and diesel engines. D.E.S.S experience and knowledge has allowed D.E.S.S to work across many industries including mining, marine and general power generation.

While D.E.S.S respects and protects the current business activities of their customers, below are some of the projects that D.E.S.S has been involved in over the years.

Argyle Diamond Mines
Our first Power Station Contract was the Argyle Diamonds Power Station in the Kimberley region of Western Australia in April 1991 The Contract was to run the 25 Mw capacity Power Station consisting of 8 x 2.5 Mw Detroit engines and 1x 4.2 Mw Wartsila, manage the power and water reticulation to the mine and environs. Since the contract has been in force two more 4.2Mw Wartsila units have been installed. Power is also being supplied from the Lake Argyle Hydro Electric scheme. D.E.S.S. continues to supply Argyle Diamonds with Service Engineers hire equipment and expertise and from this have been able to build a highly skilled workforce.

Leinster and Mt Keith Power Stations
From February 1995 to December 1997 D.E.S.S. successful Tendered to run Leinster and Mt Keith Power Stations in the northern goldfields of Western Australia for the Western Mining Company Nickel Mining operations Energy Management Group North. Leinster Power Station comprises 5 x 2Mw Detroit generators 3 x 4.5Mw Pielstick generators and 2 x 6.2Mw Wartsila generators. In addition the operation and maintenance of the compressors for the mine air supply, High voltage supply to the mine & environs. Mt Keith Power Station comprises 5 x 12Mw Sulzer generators. The two Power Stations are connected via a 132 Kv transmission line over 95 kilometres with a capacity of 25Mw. The high voltage electrical system was also under our jurisdiction. All maintenance, mechanical and electrical for both sites was carried out by D.E.S.S.

Western Mining
D.E.S.S. was contracted from December 1996 to December 1997 to supply High Voltage Technicians for the Western Mining Company Energy Management Group South. For the power distribution to their operations in Kalgoorlie, Kambalda & St Ives in the central goldfields of Western Australia.

Mt Morgan Power Station
October 1996 to December 1998 D.E.S.S. were again successful in tendering for supply of experienced Fitters to carry out the operations & maintenance for the Mt Morgans minesite Power Station in the central goldfields of Western Australia. The Power Station consists of 4 x 1.8Mw Polar Nohab generators, two of which have had major overhauls carried out by D.E.S.S. in our Perth workshop. Also on site are 5 x 1Mw Cummins KTA150 series generators operated and maintained by our site personnel.

Worsley Alumina Pty
Worsley Alumina Pty situated in the Southwest of Western Australia in November 1995 contracted D.E.S.S. to supply Trades people to maintain and overhaul 3 x 1.8Mw Daihatsu generators. The scope of work also involves operator training to be given to W.A.P.L. personnel in the operation and minor maintenance of their Daihatsu generators. DE.S.S. continues to supply personnel & expertise for the maintenance & overhaul of Worsley’s generating plant.

Australian Naval Contracts


HMAS Swan the major overhaul of 2 x 1Mw Paxman auxiliary Diesel generators.


HMAS Tobruk docked at Garden Island Sydney NSW. Supply a Service Engineer to supervise the major overhaul of the port main engine a Mirrlees KDMR this work was carried out by Fleet Intermediate Maintenance, with D.E.S.S. refurbishing the major components in our Perth workshop.


HMAS Tobruk To supply a Service Engineer for a major overhaul on the starboard main engine, as above. All of the above work contracted through the Australian Defence Industry (ADI)


HMAS Jervois Bay at Garden Island Sydney NSW. Supply a Service Engineer to ascertain cause of main bearing failure to the Starboard main engine Pielstick PC2.


HMAS Westralia To supply Service Engineers for a main engine refit, Pielstick PC2 at Garden Island Western Australia with D.E.S.S. overhauling the cylinder heads and charge air coolers in our Perth workshop. All work contracted through Dawson Industries Perth


HMAS Geraldton To remove and refit auxiliary engine and realign main gearbox. Contracted through Dawson Industries Perth.


HMAS Hobart docked at Garden Island Sydney NSW, to supply Service Engineers to carry out overhaul on the Starboard main generator a 1Mw Detroit. Contracted though A.D.I.


HMAS Success docked at Garden Island Sydney NSW. To carry out a survey on the Starboard main engine a Pielstick PC3. Contracted through A.D.I.


HMAS Tobruk docked at Garden Island Sydney NSW. To carry out major overhaul on the Starboard #3 Allen generator. All rehabilitation work carried out in our Perth workshop. Contracted through A.D.I.

Other Power Station Work
Supply Service Engineers to carry out major services on Mirrlees K8 Major 2.2Mw engines for W.M.C. at the Windarra Minesite Power Station WA.

The Removal of 2 x Mirrlees K8 Major 2.2Mw engines from the Kambalda Power Station and re-installed them at the Windarra Power Station.

Supply a relief Superintendent for Warrego Power Station in the Northern Territory. This Power Station has 6 x 2.5Mw Mirrlees K8 Major, 2 x 1.2Mw English Electric & 2 x 1Mw Caterpillar Diesel Generators.

Supply a Service Engineer to supervise the major overhaul of 2 x 4.2Mw 9 cylinder Pielstick PC2.5 units located on Groote Island in the Northern Territory Australia for BHP Manganese.

Supply a Service Engineer & Fitters to carry out the major overhauls of the MWM 610 & MWM 441 dual fuel engines for the Northern Territory Electricity Commission Yulara Power Station in Central Australia. All works carried out on site by D.E.S.S. Personnel.

Supply a Service Engineer & Fitters to remove the generators and associated equipment from Kambalda Power Station WA & dismantle the units for transport to the Philippines. Also supply a Service Engineer to oversee the subsequent assembly of the engines in the Philippines at the Padcal & Bulawan minesites for Philex Mining.

Horizon (Formerly Western Power)
Since our inception Western Power the state owned power authority, has and continues to awarded D.E.S.S. with numerous supply & maintenance contracts for their country region Power Stations. This work involves the repair and overhaul of various large & medium size diesel engines & their components including cylinder heads, exhaust valve cages, cylinder liners, piston, connecting rod, pumps etc refurbished to OEM specifications. The support Western Power has given over the years has enabled D.E.S.S. to greatly enhance it’s profile.

Rio-Tinto Hope Down Project
In April 2007 DESS was awarded the Contract to carry out maintenance on the diesel plant located at the Rio-Tinto Hope Downs Project north of Newman in WA. The work involves the servicing of Scania SC300, Cummins KTA19G, NT855 & 6BTA5.9G1 and Detroit D307L diesel engines.


Company Policy

The management of Diesel Engine Services & Spares Pty Ltd have adopted the policy that the company produces and supplies only products and services which are of the requisite quality and level of reliability which will meet our client's needs and expectations and be suitable for the customer's specified purpose.

It is an important requirement of this policy that the quality and reliability of the company's products and services are the concern and responsibility of every individual in the organisation.

The company is committed to the operating philosophy that the quality needs must be identified and built-in form the start. To achieve this objective, every member of the organisation is encouraged to identify quality problems arising in their areas of involvement and to participate in the speedy solution of these problems, with both technical efficiency and economy.

The procedures outlined in the DESS Quality Manual describe how the company quality system is structured, operates, maintained and controlled, thus ensuring that this policy meets the requirements of AS / NZS ISO 9002.

Adherence to this policy is a mandatory requirement for every aspect of Diesel Engine Services & Spares Pty Ltd business.

Diesel Engine Services & Spares Pty Ltd are totally committed to this policy and firmly believe that this commitment is essential for our long term success.